Why can't Brave Wallet receive BAT directly?

Why do we have this wallet in the browser if we can’t use it to receive BAT directly? It would be much more practical, secure and private to be able to transfer the BAT we receive for the ads to this wallet instead of two horrible platforms (UpHold and Gemini) that ask for KYC for governments to know what people do with this Crypto on those platforms, is literally defending people’s privacy by making them use centralized and non-private environments. If we could send BAT directly from the browser to that wallet, it would also increase the value of the coin as more people would use it to get money and everyone would actually be safer.

This question gets asked more than once every single week. Brave have determined that KYC in some form is required to get your BAT. This is unlikely to change any time soon.

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What a shame if there was at least a way to send BAT directly to the wallet without having to use these platforms, it would be great, safer and really private. I created an account at UpHold at the beginning of the year, until today my account has not been verified because of KYC, now when I try to login it says my password is wrong :man_facepalming:. On Gemini I can’t even confirm my number and that sucks.