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  1. This is exactly why you don’t close unresolved problems “Send to device” not working - #2 by Mattches

I’m about to abandon Brave for whatever I can find that has core functionality that works. You seem to be focused on payouts when the basic browser has problems.

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This is why you should always make sure to comment on the topic and keep in touch if you’re experiencing problems and it goes unresolved. There’s TON of people always posting about things and submitting tickets. If people fail to keep a topic open, that’s on them.

Do you not realize how many people submit tickets and send messages daily? Even worse are the number of people who don’t respond to us when we ask for information. Such as I have had devs working with me to resolve things but when I ask people to send information, they suddenly don’t respond for over a week. The devs can’t just sit on their butts all day and wait. There are THOUSANDS of projects and issues they are working on.

Yet you can’t sit here and describe what your issue is right now. It looks like that was a different person in the topic you commented on. Also that was from over a YEAR ago. You realize they’ve made a LOT of changes since then, right? And core functionality works wonderfully for the majority of users. It’s not flawless, no program ever is.’

So now let me ask, you just here to complain or you looking for help? Because if you need help, then you need to provide information.

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

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