Self Host Sync Server + Change Sync Server In Browser Settings

Brave sync is amazing since it allows for private and anonymous bookmark, apps, extensions, history, settings, password, etc. But this feature in Brave is still centralised since users cannot host their own Brave Sync server and cannot change the sync server in the browser settings. I would like to request the following…

  1. Make Brave Sync server fully open source
  2. Allow anyone to self host their own Brave Sync server which anyone can use
  3. Add a setting in the Brave browser on desktop and mobile in the sync settings to allow one to change the sync server to use.

This feature will make Brave Sync decentralised and giving users the freedom to choose who is storing their synced browser data.

I can i see my balance

Turns out you can self host a sync server

However it is not possible to use it in Brave. Please add a setting in the sync setting to change your server URL.