Self-hosted sync server?

Hey guys,
just switched from Chrome to Brave on desktop. Now I wonder if you plan to offer a self hosted sync solution between (different) desktop(s) and mobile? I couldn’t find anything on the net…

The sync server code is available at and can be run under Docker.

There’s a Reddit post which mentions this at

I’ve briefly tried this today and it seems to work, syncing bookmarks between two browsers at least.

Currently it seems there is no way to persistently set the --sync-url option, but there’s a feature request open for that: .

FWIW, Brave makes some debugging info available at brave://sync-internals/ (found via brave://chrome-urls/ )


thank you for your response - I somehow missed the notification about it.
I will check the links and respond.

Please add a setting in the sync setting to change your server URL.