"selectObject".selectedIndex = "index val" fails in Brave iOS



On the iOS version of Brave it does not appear possible to set the selectedIndex of a select object (menu).

The standard simple code works fine on Brave desktop OSX and Safari, Chrome, Firefox but fails in the iOS version of Brave. Here is the simplest code that 100% replicates the problem at least for me!

menuObjectName.selectedIndex = “0”;

No other index value works either, in case you are wondering.




cc @joel @sriram on this one.


Hi, I don’t know if I’m right, but the quotation marks " " indicate a string. Just try the zero, without quotation marks. Then other values should work as well.

menuObjectName.selectedIndex = 0;


Thanks for the thought, but unfortunately no, the value required by selectedIndex is a string though I think some browsers are happy to coerce a number.

eg. (excuse the w3schools quote, it’s the simplest example I could find)


Its not that the code fails per se, it’s that the code only fails in the iOS version of Brave.


We’ll take a look, thanks for bringing to our attention :slight_smile:


This is fixed and will be released in our next update. Look for it this week.


What excellent response and service.

Thanks muchly Joel, I can stop fretting now



What a great thread!