See dismissed/past ad notifications on mobile

Ads can be interruptive despite being useful or interesting, in which case the response to the interruption is immediate dismissal so one can focus on the task at hand.

However, sometimes these interruptions are actually useful despite being dismissed. It would be nice to be able to have an ability on mobile where one can view the past served ads/notifications, such that we can go back and click the useful ones.

Duplicate of this desktop request:

I think this is a function of the OS and not Brave. As far as I know, none of the operating systems saves past notifications and once they are dismissed, either by you or the system itself, they are gone.

Ad views/clicks are saved in 30-day Ads History in brave://rewards. You can pull that up and click on the ads you recently received to pull them up.

At least for me on iOS, the notifications are not OS notifications, but built into the Brave app, and only show when I am browsing via Brave at the top of the browser.

Brilliant. I wonder if I can bookmark that and view it on iOS.

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Ugh, I did it again, I know nothing about how Brave works on mobile so have no idea whether you can view 30-day Ads History in brave://rewards on mobile! So sorry, I seem to have blinders on when it comes to OS mentions. I think everyone uses the same thing as me! lol

Tried it on iOS, it just searches for brave://rewards and tapping the reward button has no option to view details.

Well, found this GitHub project for Android. Couldn’t find anything for iOS. After I thought about it though, it is probably because ads are not supported on ios due to Apple policies.

Below is the link to the Brave article per Apple guidelines. I’m curious, are you still able to receive ads on iOS and accumulate rewards but you just can’t do anything with them?

Brave Complies With Apple iOS Guidelines, Will Continue to Innovate for Users and Creators They Support