Brave search can improve search results in a few simple ways

Brave search results are often out of line with settings on locality.

Description of the issue:

When performing a search with Brave search the results do not reflect the locality choosen (country)

For example, setting the country to Belgium returns plenty of .com and .nl and .fr while the country extension for Belgium is .be for any of the 3 official languages (NL/FR/DE) and also English language content offered on .be websites.

It would help if Brave were to prioritise results for .be domains and/or match the alternate .tld known for the domain(.tld) for which results are returned.

Also, often deriving the language from the browser does not work well for Belgian and likely also other multi-lingual regions since people may use alternate keyboards not matching their native language for a variety of reasons.

The simplest approach could be to list tags for the optional .tld for which response are available for a search result.

Thus far Brave search is looking a viable future candidate. Picking up where all other search engines do not bother to shine could make it the future search engine of choice for many, and with this i mean returning search results loyal to the preferred region/country selected.

I’d almost think Brave is acquiring results from other search engines with the results we’re getting, they’re as much off as the other search engines.

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Good points about Tld

No, brave has its own search index. It does not take all results from other search engines. Only some are taken where it fails to get results, images etc. On right hand corner open brave search menu and you will see ‘Search Independence’ for your own device and for all brave search users.

Brave has its own index and uses a protocol called ‘Web Discovery Project’. It is a complex protocol.

Check if you are using google fallback mixing from settings. If it is enabled then it takes some queries from google, mixes it with its own results and then presents it to user.