Scrolling zoom +/- in Google Maps too fast with Brave

In Chrome works fine but when using Google Maps zooming in and out with Macbook Pro (Catalina) is waaaaay too fast.


This is a known issue that i believe is already fixed in Nightly and should be moving down the release pipeline:

It’s Nov 9 and I have the up to date Brave. Google Maps zoom is far too sensitive and essentially unusable with a trackpad.

Nov 11th here and Google Maps zoom on Brave is completely unusable – the map doesn’t behave AT ALL the way it’s supposed. I’m using MacBook Pro with the latest MacOS updates, in Safari/Firefox/Opera/Chrome – no issues

November 15th and this bug is still present. There is no way to use the trackpad in macOS without going bonkers!

Edit: as stated in the issue tracking thread fixed in version 1.17. We’ll have to wait. Thanks anyway!

Can confirm that this is fixed in the latest nightly build – Version 1.19.7 Chromium: 87.0.4280.60 (Official Build) nightly (x86_64).

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Indeed. Well done. Thanks!

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