Scientific community, Brave, and journal/preprint sites

How do we promote Brave in the scientific community? Perhaps posting some random thoughts here would be the first step.

This morning, I started to feel like I can no longer tolerate the animated Alexandra Elbakyan, Sci-Hub’s creator, while I was downloading papers, a routine I do everyday. (I should also add that I Sci-Hub really changed my life and it is one of my favorite sites). If putting her picture on has financial incentives, which I am not sure of, we should think about what we could do for her. At the very least, let’s think about what we can do to get more papers accessible to the public.

First of all, we could invite open-access journal and preprint sites join Brave as verified publishers. I think our targets include as least the followings (Alex global rank parenthesized):

Then, we could invite scientic publishers:

  • elsevier DOT com (625)
  • nature DOT com (1,129)
  • thelancet DOT com (4,358)
  • nejm DOT org (6,382)
  • cell DOT com (12,345)

Last but not the least, we would eventually contact:

  • (920)

I am not sure if there’s legal concern if the Brave company attempts to approach her but I think as a community we can write her a letter or something.

Let’s keep this thread open and get ourselves updated if any of the above sites becomes verified publishers. Also please message me if you are also interested in Science+Brave.

(I unfortunately have to do “nature DOT com” because this system restricts new community user to only 4 links.)

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