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At March 14th @Mattches publishished a message called ‘A note to publishers’: A note to Publishers In this article several forms of misabuse are called:

  • Create dummy sites or channels without real content, just to collect contributions from Brave users
  • Install multiple copies of Brave to claim multiple grants
  • Use any mechanism that results in a Brave browser contributing to your site automatically, without a deliberate action by the user of the browser

I think the message is clear and I appreciate the attempt to create a good behaviour instead of greed. But unforetunatelty there is only a message and there is no room for furhter discussion. I rather like to create a topic where we can discuss to discourage these activities. As a decentralized solution is steered by incentives it is not sufficient to do such calls for neat behaviour.

I propose do set up a discussion of the incentive model. Incentive models in these phase of the project need to discussed CONTINUOUSLY! In my opinion the incentive model is not completed as long as it’s possible to misabuse Brave to gather more income then intended. In that case new initiatives need to come in to make it more smoothly.

Hope this idea will be embraced by the team. Let’s make Brave great with the complete community!

It’s important to remember that in the case of contributions, any self-funded BAT you tip is not subject to these rules. These rules only apply to BAT that comes from free promotional grants, which are actually gifts that come from Brave’s own finite BAT reserves.

If you fill your own wallet up with 500 BAT and tip it to your favorite creators, it will essentially be exempt from these guidelines.

Hello WHEN They Distribute Free Promotional Grants

@kriptovenezuela see

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