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Description of the issue:
QR Code gets message that Call Can Not be completed
How can this issue be reproduced?
Maybe not on others peoples iPhone but on mine the recording says Call Can Not Be Completed.

Expected result:
Having Sync set up
Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.35.1 (
Mobile Device details
iPhone 12
Additional Information:

I just created a sync connection and it went fine. Do you sync it to a desktop browser? what OS?

Not knowing how you did it or where you did from doesn’t help but it didn’t work for me. I found that trying to sync between my Mac Book Pro running Big Sur and iPhone 12 with the latest up date on both the iOS and Brave browser doesn’t work but directions on the the Brave browser on the MBP and the Brave browser on the iPhone do not sync in writing as per the Preferences in both.

Here is one of the problems. The phone number I get on he scan is 1 (646) 679-550.

We’re discussing this issue internally. I have seen one other user encounter this — the workaround for them was to simply enter the sync code words rather than scan the QR code. Doing so worked like a charm so in the interim you may try using the code words option instead.

I have tried that as well between the iOS browser and browser on Big Sur, you can not copy and paste from one to the other or visa vesa. If you left one of them blank it wouldn’t be a problem or gave the end user a way of deleting the word combinations in either or both so that they could copy and paste them in.

Have you tried manually entering the code words?

Yes. I had it some what working between my iPhone and Mac but I shut down Brave on the Mac and lost the link between the iPhone and Mac. I wax trying to get a triangle going between the iPhone, Mac and a iPad. Back to square 1.

Funny thing though if you have different profiles set up in Brave it will only show up in one rifle not all of them.

Tried on two different Macs and no luck :frowning:

Can you post what brave://version url shows on your desktop browser?

Just updated Brave today on Mac. Version 1.36.111

So I have my iPhone synced with profile 2 and my iPad synced with profile 3 but can not sync a thing with profile 1

Also noticed that in you mobile browsers the profiles are not present. Is this because of the programming language or just a limitation of the iPhone and iPad?

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