Saving image files with format conversion (WEBP to JPG...)

When saving an image file from the web to my local storage (HDD, SSD), I’d like to have the option to save the image in a specific format regardless what the format of the file on the website is.
Specifically: I pretty regularly want to save an image file that is in WEBP format which the Finder and Preview on MacOS can’t handle.
In Safari, a WEBP image is automatically saved as JPG.
That’s something that I would like to see for Brave (saving WEBP or PNG as JPG as an option).

I totally agree. The webp-pushers should be punished somehow. (I know how, but can’t say it in public.)
Even gimp refuses to open those.

It looks like I need to do re-selection of browsers, and the winner would be any browser that gets images stores as pretty much anything but webp.

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Yes, most programs and websites refuse webp, but browsers, especially chromium is the biggest enforcer of webp…

I find them on my system using voidtools Everything and I use xnview batch convert once a month to convert all webp to jpeg 95% quality.