Brave saves images in Google's crappy webp format

For whatever reason, Brave is pushing Google’s lossy image format, webp, by automatically converting all images to webp when saving images. A format that Google, and only Google, stands to gain by pushing. It’s also a crappy format for anything except mobile web pages.

Currently this makes the “Save image as…” contextual menu option not only useless but an absolute lie. It isn’t saving the image. It is converting the image to a useless format because Google wants to push its garbage. This means Brave is currently absolutely useless for saving images from the web.

@Ball Umm, why don’t you stop spouting nonsense and try to provide real information? For example, you tagged every OS but you’re not using every OS. I know this because I tested what you mentioned on my Windows and it works as it’s supposed to.

The other issue is you chose to completely delete the template that Brave generates when you made this topic. In doing so, you also decided not to share what OS you’re on, what version of Brave you’re using, or anything else.

Lastly, you decided not to mention what you’re getting images from or anything.

As to on my PC:
I could change format, such as you see me here choosing JPEG.

And it downloaded in the format I wanted:

Photos 11_19_2022 19_08_30

Fair, it wasn’t tagged correctly. Appears to not affect windows

I find it isn’t web site specific. I can view a jpg in its own tab (no html) and then try to save that, Google’s code will automatically convert it to webp because they want me to suffer.

My current solution is to stop using Brave.

@Emi and @Ball Just a FYI, I tested and saw that Etsy worked as was mentioning, that by default it tries to say it must be WEBP.

What I did was revert to “old school” thinking from how it all used to work when I was a teenager. I changed Save as Type to All files and then modified the File Name to be name.jpg

name Properties 11_19_2022 22_00_03

So of course, it doesn’t show the .jpg as part of the file name, but it’s how you assign the file type. I’m assuming anything you go to download that has a default origin of .WEBP.

It should work the same way on MacOS I believe. Could you give that a test, Ball? (And I never used Mac, so forgive me if I’m wrong on assuming it should work similarly and it doesn’t. But hoping/assuming it will)

OK, I think there are some server-side oddities happening I didn’t notice before. I’m going to recommend this issue be shelved as I can’t recreate exactly what I was observing before.

Sorry for the noise

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What a mess. At least that explains why I’d download a jpg and it would end up as a webp.

Good suggestion, thanks!

webp does have annoyance value, mostly when you try to use the saved image on your machine. The same problem will occur with JpegXL when it eventually replaces webp. As others have noted, it’s not Brave’s fault.

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