Save tabs for later

an option to save a group of tabs to open on a later date, instead of bookmarking them.

Not really what you are looking for. But, you can configure your browser to reopen the tabs that were open before you closed it.
This is what I use to keep what I am interested in. I also pin tabs in order to have those I always use available. No bookmarks needed.
But, if you are looking at something to allow you opening a page at a far later date, a bookmark is the only option.


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pinning tabs is halfway there, but it falls apart when you’ve got more than one window and you manage to close the window with the pinned tabs in it, they’re gone. another downside is that they become much smaller - harder to identify across many tabs. they’re more useful for couple of tabs you’d want to keep

I’m treating bookmarks as something more of a “save some important tabs long term” rather than tabs that are more temporary and relevant to me for the next couple of days.

so when i use bookmark for the purpose I’m suggesting: i bookmark tabs, close them, reopen on a later date and if i want to save again, I’d have to make a new bookmark “save” instead of updating that save (or delete the old and make new one)

bottom line - what is possible right now vs what I’m suggesting to be implemented:

  1. select tabs i want to save
  2. bookmark them all
  3. name them
  4. save
  5. time goes by
  6. open bookmarks
  7. reopen tabs
  8. tabs are kept still in bookmarks

what i suggesting as a new (or an altered) feature:

  1. select tabs i want to save
  2. save them for later (will pop up as 22 tabs on or rename, on “new tab” page for easier access, maybe an option to preview them )
  3. time goes by
  4. open these tabs
  5. that “session” is not saved for a later date unless i choose to do so again