Save passwords locally only and require a master password

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  1. I would like saved passwords to be stored on the local machine only. I do not want saved passwords in the cloud, regardless of whether they are hashed or not.
  2. I would like to require a master password to access saved passwords.
  3. This is a feature request, or if it is already possible, instructions on how to utilize the options.

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Brave Version( V1.26.74):

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No answers / opinions? Not being able to prevent Brave from storing passwords in the cloud is a deal breaker for me. I have no wish to sync anything, so there is no reason to store passwords on a server.

Is Sync enabled? If you don’t enable sync, the passwords are only stored in your Device and not in a cloud.

And to view the passwords from the settings, you would require to Enter your PC Password.

In settings, all I have to do is click on the “eye” icon to see the saved password. I see no option to set a master password.

Ohh wait, do you have a Windows Password? Like the one it asks when you turn on the PC?
It shows this when I click the eye:


I don’t use Windows.

I suppose since no one knows of a way to achieve this, it should be considered as a feature request in the interest of keeping users.

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