Rounded browser corners (Windows 11 Style Menus) on Windows 10?

I’ve found tons of guides showing how to enable Windows 11 Style Menus (on Win10) by going to brave://flags but it seems the option is no longer there. Is there a workaround or is it called something else now?

@syatek ,

Another flag recently disappeared, and the following solution might give you an idea - what to pursue

Thanks. I unexpired M99 and M100 flags, but no luck.

I think the rounded Win 11 style was a M97 flag.

This flag has been removed from Chrome in version 99, you will not be able to force-enable it.

Dang thats too bad… Wonder why. Do you know if its possible to downgrade Chrome to version 98?

If you mean downgrade the Chrome basecode Brave uses while keeping the current Brave version, no. You will have to manually install an older version of Brave.

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