Rewards will not transfer to Uphold

Dear all,

i was using Brave as usuall like 1 year and the rewards were transfered to my uphold wallet.
The last 2 months it showed that i got rewards paid out but will not transfer to my Uphold wallet. Can someone help with this issue?

Thank you in advance!

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hello and you are not alone, i am also not receiving any BAT token from Brave Software, its been 2 month of no rewards, im eligeble for the reward but they did not proceed with the transaction to my uphold wallet (for some reason)

I am not receiving payouts as well for 2 mounths

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For your issue, you will have to raise a ticket at

After submitting, share ticket ID you receive in the email you provide.
Please be patient as support is taking upto 3 to 4 weeks to get back. A lot of tickets are coming in lately.

Raise a ticket as told

Anyone who raised a ticket, please respond with ticket ID (received in email you provided while submitting a ticket) at

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