Rewards issue with payment - still

I’ve been using brave browser for quite a while and haven’t had any issues prior to 4 or so months ago. 4 months ago, I stopped getting any ads, and it was stuck telling me I had “9.5” BAT in estimated rewards pending, and it never paid those to me. I did the usual troubleshooting answers probably 4 or 5 times, and I started to receive ads for about 5 days.

But, I was never rewarded for these. Now I’m just not getting ads and am back to 9.5 BAT that I “will be paid out for”. Can someone help?

Now, with receiving ads, I’m not getting rewarded for any of these. If I look in my 7 day ad history, it shows all the ads I’ve received, but in the summary page, it says 0 ad notifications received.

I posted this a month ago, a mod named “Steeven” offered to help and told me to DM him, but he doesn’t respond.

I use MacOS and 1.14.84 Chromium

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