Rewards in Turkey

Hi, my brave rewards were blocked when I was in Russia, now I’m in Turkey, but it still says it’s unavailable in my region referring to:

What should I do?

Hiya. Could you go to brave://flags and enable flag called ‘Always show brave rewards custodial connection options’. After enabling the greyed out buttons saying region unsupported should disappear.

Hi! Thanks for the answer. Did that, relaunched brave twice, but rewards still don’t work :frowning:

Are you connected to Uphold on any other devices?

Also if you go to brave://rewards-internals what country is shown as selected region there?

it opens the page with ERR_INVALID_URL

no, but i have gemini acc not connected to brave

Oh that is why. Lol. Anyways. Gemini devices can be connected only in the US for now. If you check the list at

It’s mentioned down there for Gemini. As for why your other devices are connected or are able to connect then the answer is that any devices connected to Gemini before the region unsupported issue started altogether are still allowed to connect if you hadn’t uninstalled brave.

That’s weird. Are you sure you went to brave://rewards-internals

Your main issue has been answered but just wanted to dig into the error you get for internals page.

@holanik did you have an existing Uphold account or is it new? Keep in mind that according to and new accounts can’t be made in Turkey.


Need to correct myself, though leaving the above there as it might play a part. When you say it still refers to then that is answered by me at PSA: Current FAQ - #16 by Saoiray if you can check that out. Short answer is you need to change settings on your device to get rid of Russia for region.

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I guess the reason why the payment was stopped because of Russia Ukraine situation and now that you are in turkey this might be a temporary glitch and in some time this will be fixed don’t panic

thanks heaps! it finally worked when i changed current format

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btw the only question that’s left - although I can see rewards, there are no ads… what should I do to turn them on? turned on frequency is up to 10 ads/hour

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