Rewards blocked Android app

  1. Rewards / BAT not transferred
  2. No ads

Expected result: BAT transfer each month. Ads

Brave Version( check About Brave): last Android version 1.77.22

Mobile Device details huawei lya l29

Additional Information: my brave rewards are block since a month. I didn’t receive since March 6 2021.

Thanks for your help.


Hi, @Andalus, I’m not clear on what might be your issue. If I may ask…

Are you talking about estimated pending rewards BAT (seeing ads/ images but not earning BAT)?

Or are you talking about earned BAT not porting to your verified Uphold account?

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Hi, thanks.

It was both: earned BAT not credited, and pending since two months in the mobile app.

At the end I was not receiving ads. This was on Android app. To verify a mobile wallet we need 25 BAT.

Now reinstalled and starting from scratch. Hopefully they will be reversed one day…

Almost got 23 bat on the mobile app.

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Yeah, I have Android, too.

Please be aware, you can only link up to 4 instances (wallets/ devices) to a verified Uphold. So be careful with doing reinstalls, any reformatting, or upgrading/ switching devices…

That BAT likely wasn’t lost, but with the reinstall, I don’t know now… I think @mattches or @eljuno could better advise/ assist you further on this than I.

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I see. Since I reinstalled the app, I hope they will credit back to me the rewards.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you here.

We do plan on changing the 25 BAT minimum restriction soon to be more flexible and lenient towards users in your situation. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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