No BAT for 2 months on android

Been on brave for 2 months now. Interact with ads daily but never receive bat or a grant. Why is this. I live in the UK

Hey there!

Brave Ads for Android is only available since a few weeks, did you update Brave to the newest version?
If you have, go to chrome://rewards and make sure the two topmost sliders are enabled.
If they were enabled, check chrome://rewards/ads if you already have a few BAT waiting for you. They will first show up here as “Estimated pending rewards” before you have the chance to move them into your wallet.

Does any of this apply to you or might there be another problem?

Ahh yes i see this now thats fine. Also are we able to later move the bat to coinbase for example once they have cleared the pending stage?

Currently there is no option to withdraw BAT. Brave is working on a more advanced wallet and also partnerships to directly spend your BAT on.
For now you can only save your BAT or donate to websites you want to support.

Also, please note that the current Brave Ads is appears as system notification, not shown on website (like current digital ads).