Non-Verified Tips Not Returned After 90 Days

I’ve had 30 BAT of tips to non-verified users disappear after 90 days. They were in the list to expire on the 29-Mar-2021. They are gone from the list of pending contributions, but the BAT hasn’t come back into my wallet.

Have I lost the BAT?


The BAT never leave your wallet in first place. Mean, when you tip/contribute to unverified creator, there’ll be no wallet balance reduction.


Unless you use the same BAT to tip other verified creator.

OK, so is there a BAT wallet in my browser that is separate from my Uphold BAT wallet? If so, how do I view the local browser wallet?

I don’t see any refund of my tips to the Uphold wallet.



I’ve worked it out: my pending contributions haven’t been deducted from my wallet. Rather they are sat in the browser ready to be paid out if/when the recipient verifies themselves.

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