Reset Windows, BAT gone, can't sync to Gemini

I had to reset windows on my computer. Now, all of my BAT from before the set are gone and I cannot sync my browser to Gemini. After trying to sync, I get the following error. What do I need to do to resync and is the BAT lost?

“Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

There are issues with Brave-Gemini integration. Here is a reddit post about the problem and the last update.

:construction:Verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini is temporarily down for maintenance : BATProject

Update Jan 25, 2022: Thank you everybody for your patience. We are working with the Gemini team to get everything back up and running. We currently expect Gemini user wallets in Brave Rewards to be back online around Feb 2-3, 2022 (next week).

This may not be your problem but you may want to wait until that is fixed. If you still have issues after the fix, be sure to create a new topic in Brave Rewards or Rewards Support and follow the instructions displayed in the pane to the right.

When the issue @Chocoholic mentions above is fixed, you will be able to re-verify your new wallet with Gemini and any new earnings will be deposited there during the payout period.

As for the estimated earnings/unclaimed BAT from before you reset your device, it is unfortunately lost.

Well, poop. I was hoping to be able to save it somehow. Thank you for the reply.

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