Resend emails for new pass

not getting resend emails to sign up 4 bat rewards

What do you mean?
What are you trying to do and what are you getting back?
Cold you detail the steps or post some screenshots?

To get BAT rewards you only need to activate BAT rewards in your browser. There is no such thing as sending emails or password.
If you want to withdraw BAT rewards, first you need to sign up with a custodial wallet supported in your country, as Uphold. Then you can connect your browser to it.
If you mean anything else, please be more explicit.

thats where im having problems a password was set but the password im using or made a mistake wont take, so i need to reset uphold to get rewards started and log in

Do you mean Uphold password?
You need to contact Uphold support.

reset pass, brave is not sending me emails forget password area

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