Uphold Login and Verification reset my BAT rewards

I happened to notice that Uphold Login is no longer restricted to minimum 25 BAT. On logging in, my 4 BAT reset to 0 and none was received in my Uphold account. Please guide on what to do to retrieve the same.

@nate_77 If this is recent, try to give it a week. It’s possible/likely that it’s being processed and sent over. It is now February 1 and all BAT is being sent over to custodial wallets. That means all the BAT in your browser is taken out and should appear in Uphold once things process.

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Oh okay, I shall wait for it. Thank you for the prompt response. Will reply here if any updates.

Hi @Saoiray, I did receive a payout yesterday but it wasn’t the amount in the mobile brave, so was wondering what should I do next. (Expected 4 got 0.74)

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