Required settings for cashback websites?


I’ve just started using Brave, and I love the browser. However, I have noticed that I’ve stopped receiving cashback from websites like since I started using Brave. This makes sense since, from my laymen’s perspective, my general understanding of these sites is that they track your purchases, earn a referral bonus, and then share some of that with you.

I want to browse as securely as possible, but you can earn substantial cashback on big purchases, so I also do want to make an exception to continue earning this cashback. I use the “advanced view” shields screen - what settings should I use to ensure that my purchases will be tracked, and that I will earn cachback? Do I just need to tweak my settings on the referring site (i.e.,, the referred-to site (i.e. Amazon, Priceline), or *all websites?

Thanks for any insight you can offer!

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