Uphold wallet - Suspended in many countries

Uphold wallet and Uphold Wallet accounts and services have been discontinued/suspended for users in many countries starting from mid August 2021.

Subsequently, numerous Brave browser users will not be able to control or withdraw their BAT rewards.

An alternative Wallet should be offered by Brave browser to keep all the users satisfied.


It will be great to be connected With Binance, or Huobi Global,
as only those giants seems to be welcoming users globally

as an example:
If brave browser can be connected with Binance through authorizing, it will be great.
But should be allowed only if the user has completed Intermediate verification. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you provide the source link article?

I received the below email from Uphold. My account was suspended yesterday:


Our services in your country

Dear ******,

We’re sorry to tell you that from August 15, 2021 we’ll no longer be providing services in your country. We hate pulling out of territories and hope to be back at some point.

We kindly ask you to withdraw all your funds to an external crypto wallet, or another platform, before 11:59 pm UTC on August 14, 2021. Only Tier 1 fiat currencies and Tier 3 cryptocurrencies can be withdrawn directly. If you hold assets in other Tiers, you’ll need to convert them first. You can see all the assets we support, sorted by Tier, [here]
When making your withdrawal, please do a small test transaction first to ensure your money arrives at the right place. Crypto transactions are generally not reversible.
If you can’t withdraw your funds by August 14, 2021, or have any other problems, please contact our support team [here]. Thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Team Uphold


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I hope the situation will be improved. The Brave team has to provide an announcement quickly about the alternative wallet.

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