Request to transfer youtube channel has been rejected by the current owner?!


I recently removed 2FA from my brave payments account because i didn’t have it anymore.
So i had to re-link my youtube account and my uphold account.
I just did this and everything went ok, it says in my account that it will be transferred in 10 days.

But i also received an email 2 minutes later,
saying that the transfer of my youtube channel has been rejected by the current owner…

These are the same accounts they have always been linked to and i didn’t click deny on anything.
Did i do something wrong?

Thank you for your time.

Can you DM me the email linked to your account?

I sent you a DM steeven,
thank you!

It looks like those Youtube accounts are currently on an email account named “whole_new_universe”, do you know anyone who uses that account? If so could it be that they clicked “Reject” on the channel transfer?

Hello cory,
Yes that is my other email account.
I didn’t know they where linked to that email since my youtube channel is on the email i DM’d steeven.

So now i see that 8 hours later when i was asleep i received 3 emails: (on whole_new…)
1: a request to trasfer has been made
2: you rejected the request
3: a request to transfer has been made

As they only arrived 8 hours later after making this topic, i could not have clicked reject :smiley:
(And no one else could have, those 3 arrived at the same time looking at the timestamp.)

Is there anything i can do on the ‘whole_new…’ account to approve the transfer?
(the emails only have a reject button)

Edit: I went over to my ‘whole_new…’ account and i see that the youtube channel will be transfered in 9 days unless i reject. … could you confirm that the account will be transferred?

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