Url shortener site block brave browser

I was trying to open a url shortened link on brave browser, but url shortener has some kind of anti-block system that block brave browser to they are link

Site link : https://publicearn.com/mana_world

Screenshot :-https://graph.org//file/bfc1339cdfd3dd4397c05.jpg

Brave browser apk
Brave version (version 1.60.118)

@fanboynz wanted to tag you in. It seems that the issue on this has changed, at least for desktop. Originally I was seeing the same as @ripan reported which was that it detected an adblocker and said Brave wasn’t supported. But now…

You can also see there’s an overlay on the left that shows up blank with an x to close it, plus images don’t seem to be loading…it’s just the grayed out images. It’s like this regardless of which page I navigate to on https://starxinvestor.com/

Actually, I just went to brave://components and manually updated. That seems to have gotten rid of the one pop-up on top.

@ripan Can you make sure everything is updated in brave://components and see if things work for you overall? At least letting you interact with the page compared to before?

Someone give this custom filter syntax


it block that popup

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