Repository not purging or removing itself. Tried everything, and for Ubuntu Bionic

I am trying to delete the Brave Browser from my linux desktop that runs Ubuntu Bionic because I decided to use Chrome instead. I have supposedly deleted it before, but now I’m having a problem with sudo apt update and the Brave Browser repository seems to be the blame. This is what I mean:

After this it stops running. This is not good because I am not able to install, update, or upgrade packages or files until this is fixed. I’ve tried purging the repositories, ppa-purging the individual brave repository, and this is what it outputs:

It says it doesn’t have a release package. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve looked at a post referring to how to delete the repository and all of brave and tried it, but that also did not work. At this point, I may have to reset my computer and I really do not want to do that because it would several more hours than I have spent already to get everything back to where my chroot is now, so if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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