Remove iOS Screentime API


I recently updated my Brave application on iOS and noticed that now all of my websites are logged in my screen time settings tab on iOS. As I regularly clear my browsing history, I would prefer for there not to be a permanent record of what I do on-device. Before this update, screen time was simply reported as “Brave”. Now, the screen time is split into what site I use (ex: YouTube, Twitter, etc). I find this to be not too privacy conscious (even though such stats are on device) as I would rather a list of such sites I visit not be available period.

Please consider having users be able to opt-out of this API, remove it, or implement it in a somehow more privacy friendly way.

Thank you, and I hope you do seriously consider this.

EDIT: I would like to add that I won’t be simply disabling screen time on iOS, as I do like seeing the general time I’ve spent on apps - but that is as specific as I like it.