Support screentime on iOS and macOS

Brave currently doesn’t support screentime on iOS and macOS. Given the vision of Brave to make a browser to serve humans instead of surveillance capitalism, I would argue this is something that should be added to brave.

The internet is not only full of trackers, but it is also full of apps and pages that are designed to be addictive. In order to give people back control not only about their ads/searchs, but also about their time spent online, you should implement support for screentime.

This is the number one reason why I am contemplating moving to another browser (even at the cost of reduced privacy).

There is a github issue for this already

Is this something that is potentially being considered from Brave Software?

@bawell Just a FYI, I moved your topic over to the actual Feature Request category. Also renamed your topic to match and be seen better for what you want. I’m also going to tag @michal here to see if he would be able to provide any insight around this.