Limit Screen Time on MacOS Catalina, BigSur, etc.?

I signed up here only to discuss this one issue. Either I’m the only one with that problem, or the only one who wants this to work.

I’m a web developer and designer who happens to be addicted to social media and entertainment – bad combination, right? I use Apple Screen Time (set up by someone else) to break my addiction. My clients and my family suffer, and so do I.

Unfortunately Screen Time – especially limiting certain content – doesn’t work in my case:

  1. Set screen time thresholds, limit websites in the MacOS system settings.
  2. Go to the website supposed to be limited in Brave.
    – Expected result: Website doesn’t open.
    – Actual result: Website opens like any other.

In case it matters, I’m running
– Brave V1.18.78 on
– MacOS 11.2 on a
– MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon.

Please HELP!

Thanks a lot, really :pray:

kind regards

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Same here! Brave seems to ignore screen time limits.

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