Relocating to a different country (US to the Philippines)

I recently got married, and I’m finally putting an end date to my long-distance relationship. I’ve been using Brave for years. Will the Brave browser and all its features function normally in the Philippines or other countries?

Yes, it will work just as it has always.

Umm, no. Main issue there is you’ll not be able to receive Rewards. You’ll have a couple things against you.

  1. Primary one is Philippines is unsupported and no idea when/if it will be again. It had an excessive amount of fraud and other issues, so Brave removed it. When I’ve asked about it in the past, it’s one of the countries they’ve never spoken of positively in terms of it returning, but yet they have never said it won’t. So no idea when/if Philippines will be supported. Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability

  2. Assuming you don’t change your information on Uphold, you likely will continue receiving payouts. However, Brave uses your device Locale and your IP address, among other things, to determine your location for ads. If your device shows United States, your IP address shows Philippines, etc then you’ll likely be unable to earn Rewards because it doesn’t show the right ads and/or it might flag your account as it thinks there may be fraudulent activity (someone in Philippines trying to bypass ad restrictions or something)

So there’s a lot of moving parts based on what gets updated and all. Worst case scenario is Rewards will stop for you (eventually). Everything else should work as usual though.

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