Question about banned countries in brave

Hello I’m an overseas Filipino worker in north Carolina and I’m using brave on my Android phone and I’m connected to uphold. I’m about to go back to the Philippines next month because my contract will soon expire. I’m planning to buy my self a gaming PC once I go back to the Philippines but I saw a post here that Philippines is banned using wallets

Check this post from an admin

Will I ever connect my uphold wallet that is created in North Carolina once I go back the Philippines? I’m only connected to one device currently

@Biot ,

Good question for @steeven .

I think you will be able to use brave browser and also will have Reward…the problem was that in Phillipines or Vietnam they can’t connect their uphold wallet to brave. .but as your information you already connected your uphold wallet to brave. …so in my opinion there will be no problem…and if you will try to connect new brave browser from another device to that same uphold wallet then I don’t think it will connect.

If you connected your brave rewards before the issue of the ban your good to go. Since you connected your rewards to uphold in another country your fine. But for those like me that want to sign up in uphold and connect my brave rewards I cant do it. So for now im holding my rewards until or hopefully they lift the ban this year.

hello my uphold is connected to brave in north Carolina i dont know if i can connect it once to my new pc once im in the philippines

Maybe not…in philippines brave browser is banned…so I think you won’t be able to connect your browser to uphold .

There is new brave vpn…you should try it…

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