Release Channel v1.9.72

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Full Release Notes

  • Added the ability to opt-in to user private Brave ads for over 150 new regions. (#7817)
  • Added platform and build channel to ad confirmation calls. (#8100)
  • Added settings to disable top sites and Brave suggested sites in address bar autocomplete under brave://settings/appearance. (#9572)
  • Added ability to modify New Tab Page settings under brave://settings/newTab. (#8760)
  • Added support for web compatibility scriptlet injections that can modify window attributes. (#9496)
  • Added retry logic for referral program promotion code. (#7742)
  • Added P3A metric for search volume. (#8854)
  • Updated P3A metric responses for window count. (#9676)
  • Updated P3A metric responses for bookmark count. (#9634)
  • Removed content-level tip button on GitHub org pages. (#9024)
  • Fixed Brave not using OS locale and language settings as the default on Windows. (#9712)
  • Fixed incorrect or no publisher data being displayed on the rewards panel in certain cases when using Twitter. (#8289)
  • Fixed intermittent crash in confirmations. (#8535)
  • Fixed inability to enable Brave ads if regional format is set to “English (Europe)” on Windows. (#7815)
  • Fixed converted ads still being displayed in certain cases. (#9436)
  • Fixed ad notification timeout timers not being cancelled in certain cases. (#9154)
  • Fixed Brave ad campaign startAt and endAt times using local time instead of UTC. (#8933)