Release Channel Update v1.40.105

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Full Release Notes

  • Added Filecoin to Brave Wallet. (#23169)
  • Added Unstoppable Domains support for Polygon. (#20475)
  • Added Unstoppable Domains layer 2 support for resolving ETH address in Brave Wallet. (#22146)
  • Added pre-loaded EVMs into Brave Wallet network selector (supported by 0x). (#22888)
  • Added ability to “Hide Brave Rewards icon” by right clicking on the Brave Rewards (BAT) icon. (#22525)
  • Retired the option of using DNS over HTTPS for Unstoppable Domains resolution now that layer 2 support has been added. (#22149)
  • Changed Ethereum Dapp providers to only be available in secure contexts. (#23407)
  • Changed Unstoppable Domains user opt-in interstitial from Cloudflare DoH to Ethereum option. (#22148)
  • Updated buy flow for both Ramp and Wyre in Brave Wallet. (#23349)
  • Updated QR sync code generator to include Brave icon when creating new QR sync codes. (#22420)
  • Fixed not being able to validate Unstoppable Domains address in various panels in Brave Wallet. (#22498)
  • Fixed issue where buying using Ramp didn’t work in certain cases. (#23425)
  • Fixed Ethereum Dapps dialogs being opened in inactive tabs. (#23460)
  • Fixed selected network being used when resolving Unstoppable Domains/Ethereum Name Service to ETH address. (#22151)
  • Fixed webcompat issues when “Brave Wallet” is set as the default cryptocurrency wallet via brave://settings/wallet. (#23546)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet as default wallet can be bypassed by extensions. (#22678)
  • Fixed issue where user required to press tab multiple times to navigate from the password field to the confirm password field via Brave Wallet. (#22417)
  • Fixed fonts under not being displayed correctly when shields are enabled due to font fingerprinting on macOS. (#23489)
  • Fixed failed Brave Ads confirmations backing off if payment tokens are not created or ready. (#23516)
  • Fixed adaptive CAPTCHA not remaining active/visible when rewards panel is closed before CAPTCHA has been resolved. (#22417)
  • Fixed not being able to copy sync code from existing sync chain in certain cases. (#23206)
  • Fixed issue when attempting to restore one-time sync codes on unsupported Brave versions. (#23262)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 103.0.5060.53. (#23482) (Changelog for 103.0.5060.53)