Release Channel 1.57.47

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  • Added Stripe Onramp for US users. (#31397)
  • Added auto discovery of NFTs on all user added networks. (#30976)
  • Added auto discovery of POAPs. (#30977)
  • Added “Filters and display settings” modal for the “Portfolio” page. (#30496)
  • Added “Group by” option to the “Filters and display settings” modal on the “Portfolio” page. (#30753)
  • Added v2 headers into Brave Wallet. (#30825 & #30583)
  • Added caching for NFT metadata responses. (#29532)
  • Added contract address and tokenId parameters to the “Send” page URL. (#30547)
  • Added “Help Center” link next to “Privacy Policy” link on the “Swap” page. (#30372)
  • Implemented optimized Solana token balances fetcher. (#30584)
  • Improved Brave Wallet panel performance. (#30772)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to translate FEVM addresses to f410 addresses and allow choosing existing FEVM address as recipient. (#30403)
  • Updated Brave Wallet to support sending f1 to typed f4 addresses. (#30401)
  • Removed unnecessary price calls when hiding/unhiding NFTs. (#30925)
  • Removed scroll from import accounts screen. (#30939)
  • Fixed inability to sign “Swap” transactions on Solana DApps. (#32109)
  • Fixed “IPFS” badge being incorrectly displayed in the URL bar on non-IPFS sites. (#31145)
  • Fixed slow Brave Wallet panel load time. (#22714)
  • Fixed “Back” button breaking the UI on “Asset Details” page in certain cases. (#30995)
  • Fixed inability to create ETH account with Brave Wallet. (#30809)
  • Fixed “Activity” route not being persisted after Brave Wallet is unlocked. (#31111)
  • Fixed account transactions not being displayed on the activity panel view. (#30780)
  • Fixed “Activity” tab not auto-updating in certain cases. (#28800 & #30450)
  • Fixed “eth_signTransaction” to use the correct network for display. (#28564)
  • Fixed incorrect token symbol being displayed in “Activity” tab for Swap transactions. (#30447)


  • Implemented new rewards onboarding UI and flow. (#30308)
  • Updated “Estimated Earnings” indicator to display a monthly payout range. (#30351)


  • Added support for “Forget by Default” browsing mode. (#26465)
  • Added the ability to resize sidebar. (#30808)
  • Added support for overriding eTLD+1 exceptions from default adblock filter lists. (#20426)
  • Added farbled weights to Accept-Language headers’ service workers. (#29372)
  • Added brave://flags/#brave-override-download-danger-level flag to disable download warnings when Safe Browsing is disabled. (#28917)
  • Added the ability to dismiss the end of support message on both macOS 10.13 and 10.14. (#32129)
  • Improved text on domain blocking interstitial page. (#30142)
  • Improved scrolling for vertical tabs by enabling sticky pinned tabs by default. (#30761)
  • Moved “Improve search suggestions” setting to be under brave://settings/search. (#30878)
  • Updated VPN toolbar button style. (#30930)
  • Removed known Hive email trackers “h_sid” and “h_slt” from URLs. (#30731)
  • Fixed delta updates on Windows. (#30748)
  • Fixed incorrect VPN button state when credentials are refreshed. (#30881)
  • Fixed settings sidebar disappearing on narrow screen widths. (#24352)
  • Fixed restored new tab not displaying the selected extension layout. (#30890)
  • Fixed uneditable red URLs appearing in the URL bar during autocomplete. (#28198)
  • Fixed custom filter lists in shields not respecting the “Expires” field. (#17909)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 116.0.5845.96. (#32241) (Changelog for 116.0.5845.96)