Release Channel 1.33.106

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Full Release Notes

  • Added the ability to sign typed data (eth_signTypedData_v3 and eth_signTypedData_v4). (#18659)
  • Added default currency and default cryptocurrency settings in brave://settings/wallet. (#19234)
  • Added menu options to edit and remove networks under brave://settings/wallet/networks. (#19004)
  • Added rewards settings section under brave://settings/rewards. (#18158)
  • Added ability to update background images on the New Tab Page via component updates. (#19129)
  • Added a post uninstall survey on Windows. (#18063)
  • Added the ability to enable FileSystemAccess API via brave://flags/#file-system-access-api. (#18979)
  • [Security] Stripped referrer and origin in cross-origin requests from “.onion” origin as reported on HackerOne by kkarfalcon. (#18071)
  • [Security] Disabled CNAME uncloaking when a proxy extension with a SOCKS5 fallback is enabled as reported on HackerOne by neeythann. (#19070)
  • Implemented time-limited sync QR codes. (#19550)
  • Updated UI for the Brave Rewards widget on the New Tab Page. (#17483)
  • Updated certain error messages for Brave Rewards to display as modals under brave://rewards. (#16652)
  • Updated the default widget list under New Tab Page. (#19708)
  • Updated Brave to use “etc/brave/policies” on Linux. (#19052)
  • Removed known user tracking parameters “wbraid” and “gbraid” from certain URLs. (#18758)
  • Fixed rounding issues for send and swap values. (#19855)
  • Fixed values to show N/A instead of 0 if balances cannot be obtained. (#19404)
  • Fixed full fiat balance not being displayed with ERC721 tokens. (#19725)
  • Fixed being able to remove the active network under brave://settings/wallet/networks. (#19678)
  • Fixed the connect hardware screen not working for Trezor devices. (#19495)
  • Fixed double click on “Confirm/Sign” buttons for Trezor transactions closing the wallet panel. (#19490)
  • Fixed token balances not being displayed when USD balance cannot be shown. (#19407)
  • Fixed clicking “Solve” on adaptive CAPTCHA not working in certain cases. (#18858)
  • Fixed the inability to access the IPFS settings link on certain window sizes. (#19221)
  • Fixed not being able to go back on IPFS pages when automatic DNSLink redirection is enabled. (#16557)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 96.0.4664.110. (#20077) (Changelog for 96.0.4664.110)