Release Channel 1.61.100

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Notable fixes and additions

Full Release Notes


  • Added Brave Rewards custodial balance line item into Brave Wallet. (#31713)
  • Updated Brave Wallet panel navigation to be persistent on open/close of panel. (#33677)
  • Updated NFT name to wrap on “Send” panel screen when necessary. (#33442)
  • Removed horizontal scroll bar on “Edit gas” screen. (#33373)
  • Fixed incorrect error message when trying to import accounts from a locked Ledger device. (#21016)
  • Fixed persistent “Sign Transaction” panel even after transaction is cancelled. (#34668)
  • Fixed Brave Wallet menu display on small screens. (#33877)


  • Implemented new design for account provider selection screen. (#33258)


  • Added search, sort, and editing features to the Bookmarks side panel. (#34021)
  • Added a command line switch to disable vertical tabs. (#33711)
  • Added universal online installer for Windows. (#32598)
  • Added system default theme mode on Linux. (#14685)
  • Updated margins for sidebar buttons. (#34249)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 120.0.6099.62. (#34723) (Changelog for 120.0.6099.62)
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