Release Channel 1.15.72

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Full Release Notes

  • Added widget to the New Tab Page. (#11982)
  • [Security] Added rel=noopener to webtorrent links as reported on HackerOne by d3f4u17. (#11487)
  • [Security] Fixed webtorrent file detection issue as reported on HackerOne by d3f4u17. (#11488)
  • Fixed ad notifications being delivered when not enough unblinded tokens available. (#11789)
  • Fixed rewards restore modal displaying “Please re-enter keys or try different keys.” error before entering keys. (#11235)
  • Fixed “Trackers & Ads Blocking” setting not persisting after restarting Brave in some cases. (#11585)
  • Fixed WebGL and OpenGL being disabled in Linux due to “” and “” missing from Brave package. (#11504)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 86.0.4240.75. (#12021)