Related to Rewards - flagged or not

Hi today reward claim button appeared, when i
Trying to claim i see the errorBrave profile flagged but after sometime I again try to claim , reward has been claimed and credited to my wallet.
I am confused my profile actually flagged or not

Note: I am still able to received brave ada and tip to publisher please anyone provide clarification. My actually flagged or not.


If you are receiving ads then its unflagged. You probably just got unflagged or something thats how this issue happened


Forgot to mention earlier, to be double sure try to verify. Even if you’re in a unsupported region, it should first say that the account is flagged

After trying to verify with uphold. Now I receiving more ads us usuall ( 1.3 bat earned today).


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Could be because of ADs campaigns. They have a lot of high BAT paying ads right now. Check the Ad catalog here

Since you get the region unsupported, that concludes that your account is unflagged, for sure.

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