Referral Promo Stats I see that it does not display correctly! What happens?

I am from Romania and I promote Brave in my country Romania.
Romania is part of Grupul 4 - 2,00 USD (Echivalent BAT),
check: (Romania is part of Group 4 - $2.00)

In December 2019, we obtained 612 installations on the table
When I clicked on the “Installed” button It appears that only “4” exists in Group 4 2.00 USD.
When I clicked on the “Installed” button It appears “442” exist in Group 5 1.00 USD

Romania is part of Group 4 and not of Group 5.

Most accesses I have from Romania on the referral link.

I have most installations in Romania, and installations they are displayed in group 5.

check: Referral Metrics
Groups Starting October 1st, 2019, the following referral rate changes will take effect:
Group 4 - $2.00 (BAT equivalent)
● Romania

Can you fix the installations from Romania to appear in group 4?

Sorry for my English, I’m from Romania.
I am waiting for an answer. Have a good day, Brave.

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