Referral Page shows old Name after Rebrand


as I registered my Youtube Channel as an Creator my Channel was named “HODLCORE”.
After awhile a renamed the Channel on Youtube to “Blockreporter” but the name on the referral page ( doesn’t change.

I also deleted the link and created a “new” one, but it seems that the old one was just restored.

What can I do to change the displayed name on the referral page?

Marcus | Blockreporter

Hi @Blockreporter,

Thanks for writing in! I just took a look at your dashboard and I see 2 channels named ‘Blockreporter’. It looks like they have updated.

Thats correct (1x Twitter + 1x Youtube), but if you open the referral page of my Youtube Channel (/hod019) you will see this:

"… It’s easy to support the YouTube Channel


Give the new Brave Browser a try and we will contribute to HODLCORE on your behalf. …"

HODLCORE should be updated to Blockreporter

Thank you for the quick support


So, is there anything I can do to change the Reflink-Page?
Schould I delete the reflink an recreate it?

The page still show HODLCORE and not Blockreporter