Issue With Youtube Channels That Change Channel Names


My channel when originally verified was Crypto News,
I changed my channel name and url to The Big Beesy Podcast at

Once my youtube channel name was switched when users tried to tip bat it would say that my channel wasnt verified. So I removed it and re-verified it in the Brave dashboard. It is verified in the dashboard but anyone who visits it on youtube will be shown that it isnt verified, and I do not receive tips for the channel. Also the referral link that for downloading the brave browser that the publisher platform provides for The Big Beesy Podcast still says Crypto News even though I attempted to reverify the channel with the new name.

So right now I cannot receive any tips being sent to my youtube channel, it doesnt show verified and it seems as if I am stuck with a channel that is unabled to now be monetized.

Any help is appreciated.



I have also discovered that if you visit it says not verified however if you visit it does say verified.

Would that create a issue receiving tips that are sent when visiting at


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