Question about old referral page


I signed up as a publisher youtube in November 2018

the url to my channel is

My referral link: works (I think), but the page has my channel name spelled incorrectly.

Not a big deal at all, but if there is any way to change it so the referral page has Funkenmunken, my channel name, instead of Funkenmonker, it be much appreciated. If not, no worries.

Thanks in advance either way, and please keep up the awesome work. Brave is all I use since the past year+ now and recommend it to everyone I know. =)

@cory on this issue. @funkenmunken welcome to the community


Long-time lurker =)

I took a look at our publishers db tables and it looks like it was updated there. I looked in our promo database and it looks it wasn’t updated there.

I ran a simple query to update it so it should be updated on the website fairly soon. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help @cory - seems to be working normal now.

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