Redirect domain in my web site does not work when using Brave browser

I have made a change to redirect a sub-domain (page) on my web site to show up Not on the home page, but on a specific page/section of same website. It now works for other browsers but not for Brave (which is really the only one that I like to use!). I have tried clearing history and cache and still no change… I want this domain name: to show up here:

Not on the home page, which is how that currently looks at this time. Please advise! thanks.

Apart from the SSL cert error on It redirected fine here

Thanks for your note and for checking. What is the ssl cert error? Also, does anyone have suggestions for me on how to get it to show up on Brave on my own computer (macbook)? Thanks!

Try turning off the Shields on top [The lion icon] when you click the link…

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