Recevied only 0.25 bat instead of 5.5 bat

I got claim button for 0.25 bat instead of 5.5 bat in my pc. and 0.25 bat also not added in wallet. My wallet is connected with gemini.
Please look into this matter.


the brave dp the same with me i received only0.25 bat instead of 3.4

My reward also got cut down. it should be 4.83 BAT but today i only received .25? what happened?

This happened to me too. W.t.f. Brave?

@SaltyBanana , @Mattches , he same thing happened to me too. I only received 0.25bat when it should have been 2bat. How sad that the developers of this good browser cannot solve these problems.


If you look at previous posts, there are multiple people with the same issue.

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There’s a bug - they’re only gonna pay us the outstanding sum after May 7th 2022 during the next monthly payout.

I think it’s not cool to just leave it until the next month. Brave is not providing us any way to track if they owed us $$, how much $$ they owed us.

The onus is entirely on us to monitor our own balances, and to chase Brave for any accountability. It’s just our own memory against Brave’s informal, verbal promises.

We have really cool blockchain crypto sh*t, but here’s my verbal agreement that I may or may not remember to give you your owed BAT which … dear me I have no records of! Let’s just give a goodwill 0.05 BAT rounded to the nearest integer.

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I also got only 0.25 bats instead of 4.184 bats.I EXPECT TO GET THIS PROBEM SOLVED

You will… please be patient. Brave will resolve this. It is clearly a widespread issue.

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I hope you will solve my problem as soon as possible.

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I won’t be resolving it as I do not work for Brave and have no ability to action the issue. The support teams will be on this though, just give them time. It is currently the weekend.

In the end, you can’t lose focus of the big picture. This is a free browser and you earning BAT is completely complimentary.

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Friend, you’re wrong.
We don’t get tokens for free!
We are watching ads that are paid directly by Brave, the advertiser.
They make money from it. And that’s the main purpose of this browser. No one will work for free. And that’s exactly the purpose of this browser is to make a profit. Unfortunately, that’s the way the world works!

All I’m saying is this is a free browser for anyone to use. They’ll resolve the issue.

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Technically it’s free. An ad pops up and you earn tokens. You don’t have to click on anything, read anything or watch anything. And the main purpose of this browser is “privacy” earning bat is a perk.

Don’t be so naive.
If you take away the earnings from the advertisers who pay you money, then this browser will disappear.
It’s all about that function. And it was originally presented as a browser that pays for our attention.

Yes, the same issue happened with my rewards and I am also linking with a Gemini wallet. I was only credited 0.25 BAT of an estimated amount of 3.426 BAT.

This is a known issue that the team is working on resolving: