Received way low amount in my brave publisher account than originally tipped

Recently my friend tipped me 11 BATs but in my Brave Publisher account I received only 7.84 Bats.
3.16 BATs were deducted, which is way more than the service charge that is 5%, written in Terms of Service.

This issue happened 2 months ago with some creators.

I suggest you opening a support ticket. But be prepared. They will eventually ask you the details of your friend’s browser. You may have to ask your friend screenshots of the browser internals :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that there is no device limit, maybe your friend could link his/her browser to a custodial wallet and support your project directly without the 5% fee. :nerd_face:

The wallets stopped the support for my country that’s why my ‘friend’ did that :upside_down_face:. And can you tell me how do I open a support ticket ?

For online ticketing system go to

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