Rebooted OS on a new SSD. Old rewards gone forever?

I recently installed Catalina on a new SSD to speed up my old iMac. I am using the same computer, but booting the OS from the faster external drive. I downloaded Brave browser immediately on the new SSD, as it is my preferred browser and why not get some rewards while I’m at it. Is there anyway that I can “log in” to the browser to continue where I had left in regards to collecting BAT rewards? Or are all of the unclaimed rewards I had built up throughout the month of April gone forever? I’m still new to all of this and am hoping I just don’t know how to do it right. Thank you

*I tried logging in to my Uphold account, but that only displayed the BAT I had claimed from March (the first month I started using Brave/Uphold).

**If I cannot transfer over the balance I was working on for April, do I sign up again and link the info from this browser to my old Uphold account to start collecting BAT rewards again?

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